Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mall Etiquette

I need to confess something to you my readers.... but before I do that I have to explain a couple things.

First, can someone tell me when I exchanged places with my youngest teenage daughter. I mean, really... I use to wipe her nose, cook her food and most of all dress her nicely. But there has been an secret exchange... it happen around the age of 13 and it's this.... she now gives me advice on how to dress and what not to say in front of her friends and the list I'm giving you could go on for days and days, but I'll stop here. You get the idea.

Secondly, I admit some of the advice I get from her is true, it is and I really need it. But most the time I just want to be me. So getting back to the story, my youngest and I are very much alike, we would love to paint the world and have no rules involved. And often times we set out to do errands and it can become quite comical. Well, yesterday we decided to go get dinner at the mall. Now this isn't just any mall, it's a Southern California Mall, it's a mall where almost everyone is wearing designer this or that. It's where women walk around in really high heels to shop. It's simple a place I don't belong. I don't fit in. So back to dinner, we love getting take out from Sarku the Japanese place that makes the greatest chicken teriyaki. And so we ordered, but daughter #2 wanted to stay and eat outside. So we did. That's when it happen, my moment of moments....after splitting up the food I pulled out my knife (Spyderco) that my husband gave me when we lived in Alaska. I took it and I cut the styrofoam container so that my girl and I would have two separate containers to eat out of. Then I looked up at her and she just stared at me with this funny look... and then she said, "Mom, that was just so Alaskan." And we laughed. Yes it probably looked funny that in an environment where Gucci is in and Spyderco's are probably illegal... I'm sure I broke some mall etiquette rule.

But you have to understand this military world that has exposed me the remoteness, city, expensive, cheap, busy streets, history, wildlife, car wrecks on fast highways, military bases, learning a whole new set of names for the fifth time (that's how many times we've moved), deployments, being over worked and under paid. I'm apt to make a couple mistakes that cross over now and then.

You can take the girl out of Alaska, but you can't take the Alaska out of the girl,
Java Girl

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