Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Driving Skills

With Autumn in the air, I've been thinking on Grandpa and Grandma. They lived to be 94 and 96 and they ate bacon and all the fixin's for as long as I remember.

Here they are at their 50th Wedding Anniversary....

Now my Grandpa let my sister and I drive as soon as our feet could touch the pedals. I remember driving the tractor with a wagon on the back at the age of about six. Then also came the lawn mower which I especially liked, that also had a wagon on the back that Grandpa would place a folding chair in and sit while I mowed. But the time I'm especially remembering, is when I finally received the okay to park the lawn mower in the garage. I was excited and very nervous, but I was use to these little tests of passage from my Grandpa.... so I got ready and started in the garage to park strategically between the grill and the grain. I was sure I could do it and as I eased into the perfect parking spot, suddenly the brakes wouldn't work!!! And I ran smack dab into the grill. I killed it, it was dead for sure. There was a long pause of silence and I was not sure of the reaction..... but as my Grandpa approached the grill and started investigating it closely, he then started to laugh. It was then that I knew I was in the clear.

Many of laughs about the mangled grill and how Grandpa hammered it back into place... dotted our lives. He also told me that every time he looked at it, it made him homesick for me. And believe it or not, he let me park the huge Buick La Sabre in the garage the very next day.

Trust and not afraid to allow some mistakes, seemed to be his motto.

I'm hoping that you're thinking on someone in your life who loved you like that.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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