Monday, October 26, 2009

Dog Gone It

In my world of two cats and one dog... things get really interesting at my house. You see... I have one cat who will take on any creature no matter the size. Another cat who has no street skills whatsoever. And a dog who thinks he's a cat.

When we found Snoop online at a Doberman rescue we never imagined the luggage that he would come with...

Scared of men
Eats only steak
Never been leash trained
Pees on grill
Scared of anyone who walks through the front door
Loves to kill rats and mice (and looks very guilty after the kill)

So after a lovely evening at church, we entered our home to find Snoop Dog on the back patio parading his bountiful claim that he can protect us three gals from invaders like this...

And my next thoughts as you can imagine were ..

Who's going to dispose of this rodent?

Maybe if I leave it there overnight, something will come a remove it so I don't have too touch it!

I'm never ever walking on the patio barefoot again!
Java Girl

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