Monday, October 19, 2009

The Blonde Bomb

I thought I'd share some of my youngest daughters craziness... she so funny and it started the minute she was born.

Just to give you an idea of her silliness.... when she was about three, we lived in Alaska and Dad worked close enough to drive home for lunch. Now we homeschooled so when he could make it home he would always call so we would have the kitchen table cleaned off from school books. Well one day he called and Daughter #2 answered and talked about 15 seconds to her Dad. I came in and assumed it was Dad and that he was giving us a warning call. I asked, "Was that Daddy?" She said, "Yes." I asked, "Is he on his way home?" She said, "No." I then inquired why and she said to me, "He said he's not coming home for lunch because he has a girlfriend!"

Til this day I can't tell you how many countless events have happen like that with this gal of ours. But the funniest antic lately is that she has a dog named Snoop. He's big and black and if you really want to hear more about him you can search deep in the bowels of this blog. Well anyways the story goes like this.... Daughter #2 was riding her bike around the neighborhood and she suddenly felt the need to look back... that's when she noticed a large black dog chasing her. So of course she started riding faster and faster in hopes to get away. Then she notices he's gaining on her and suddenly realizes it's her dog Snoop!!!

That's my girl.... a never ending stream of hilariousness!!

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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