Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

One of the biggest problems with being in the military, is all the moving. And it seems like just as you plant your roots and they get to dig in a little.... then it's time to move and say good-bye to friends. But I've noticed over the years that moving started to get harder as my girls got older and the friend department changed. It wasn't like when they were three and six and could make friends in seconds with anyone at their eye level.

But about 10 months ago at a homeschool class day, my second daughter spotted Christina. And these two gals are like no other girls I know. When they get together it's like the Fourth of July fireworks, except the fireworks don't end until one of them has to go home!

They're both Seniors this year....

And there isn't a sport they don't like.... be it surfing, biking, basketball or Facebook. They're constantly moving and eating.

Oh and one more thing.... any boy under the age of ten, usually falls in love with them on the spot. And that can make babysitting a little complicated, but it ends with steady pay.

In a world that tells these sweet girls to grow up, have sex... these gems take life into their own hands and live it to the fullest and glorifying God at the same time.

I thank God for commitment that we made to homeschooling because it's totally paid off!!!
Java Girl

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