Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There's an enemy in my home and he comes in the form of pain. He's been living with us for about 7 years, when my sweet oldest daughter suddenly received a migraine, that has never left her head not once since it came. We've been to so many doctors and no one has been able to kill this horrible enemy.

So we live with him, some days he's quiet and not that much of an intrusion. Then others days he consumes our every thought and plan and for this very reason we continue to fight him. Everyday all day if necessary. You see, we don't want him to be comfortable here among our family. We want him to know that he needs to be gone. So when the pain flares we pray.... we pray that God's protection is over us and our sweet daughter and sister.

I wish I could kill pain. I wish I could do it for every single person on the planet that endures pain. I was mad at my Savior for along time, for allowing us to have to endure that persistent enemy. But I'm not mad any more at God, because His grace is sufficient and just recently I've excepted that. Trusting in Him completely!!

Many of us believe that if everything in our life is going peachy, that we're blessed. But I'm here to tell you that isn't true.... I've never been more blessed since I excepted that fact that God has blessed our family even more through this trial. Where will it lead us, I don't know.... and with the recent diagnosis of Lupus, I feel a huge relief at the fact that I know somewhat what we're fighting. As my husband says, "It's always important to know your enemy."

So I give this blog entry to all of you out there who are fighting, fighting something way bigger than you and I. I pray you kick it's butt. I pray that God will call you faithful and true. I pray for all the mental havoc that in puts on you... and I pray that you will be conquerors.

Your Comrade,
Java Girl

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