Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Just Any Beagle

I was thinking about my Grandfather the other day while I was talking to my sister. And what I remember most about him was his love for animals. At 92 years of age he had to enter the Nursing Home and I remember traveling up from Virginia to Michigan to help him adjust to his new surroundings. It has hard to see him so old and I knew that arrangement would be a hard one. He said to me, "I don't know why they've brought me to this motel and want me to stay here." I truly didn't know what to say. Getting old is really really hard and I wished I could take up residence in that very bed next to his. But just as I was processing the whole situation.... I saw a beagle walk past the door. I couldn't believe my eyes, did I really just see a dog walk down the nursing home hallway?

Sure enough, it was a sweet adopted beagle who lived there and I knew that would probably be the key to my Grandfather fitting in someway. You see... he was always very good at training animals, but dogs especially. And I knew that if he had a dog who would visit him in his room, that the world would be a bit more brighter. And it was. But what I loved most about this dog is that he didn't have favorites! He loved equally and every room received a visit from him.

Below is a picture of my Grandparents and from left to right...Copper, Hannah and Spotty.

In a world that poses so many rules, I felt so much better leaving my Grandpa there with one creature comfort. And later on I found out they had a cat too! But she was much more particular and only slept with one lady who was bedridden. I love the fact that animals have this second sense about them. Sometimes I wish we would stop and feel more about what's going on and where the needs are ourselves.

Don't forget to scratch your dog behind his ears for me today,
Java Girl


  1. I love the old photo! This post made me think of my grandpa today... sweet memories. My grandfather had to leave his animals behind too when he entered the nursing home. Such a hard transition. Hard for everyone.

    Hope your time in tennessee was productive!.

    And I'll scratch my cat behind the ears. :)

  2. Thanks Joc, I always love hearing from you!!!! I head over to your neck of the woods on Friday, hopefully.