Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Bad!

I want to apologize.... I've neglected this blog way more than I like too! And I just want to let you all know that I have an excuse but I won't tell you. You see, I don't like when people give excuses so I won't give you one today. But I will tell you that I've missed you!

I've shared with you about our pets, Snoop and Rascals. But I've never wrote about Purry. Yes.... he was named by our at the time, six year old daughter and you know little kids, they usually name the animal by how they look, sound or smell. And this case was no exception.

Purry is now 13 years old. He's been with us through three military moves. And he's had it hard at times.... first he was found living under a rock in Alaska with his siblings. The local veterinarian took all the kittens in and nursed them back to health. When we finally brought him home it was perfect timing, because Grandpa had died and we were able to come home after the funeral and pick up our new kitty which was a great distraction.

Now Purry started out normal as can be but after a flight where I was instructed to give him medicine to relax during the travel. He was never the same, he became paranoid and stressed at times. Now I've found out that the airlines and veterinarians say to not sedate your animals now. It involves elevation and the medication... which is very harmful or even life threatening.

But our dear friend Purry has become blind and struggles at times with health problems due to his high stress but with all that said he has become the complete companion our our daughter who has Lupus. When she's having a bad day, he's right there to lay with her. She's even said that the pain is less when she can pet him while he's laying next to her. And because of this I've become forever grateful to this fur ball. He gives my daughter something that I can't give her and in return I'll do anything for him. Even spend extra money on special diet.

Now with all this seriousness, has to come some comedy and comedy is an understatement. The thing I like about Purry is that he takes care of business. If there is a neighborhood cat beating up on Rascals he can't get out of the house fast enough to come to the rescue. And he'll stand there until the offender is completely out of site before he returns home. And he's forever working with Rascals to get at his dry food which Purry can't have and they have this little system they work out. If you want to read about it, go to my blog titled Fur Comes In Different Packages.

So in closing I leave you with this thought..... do you remember a animals that brought you so much joy. Made you feel better and in return created a comfort that no person could bring. That is what Purry is for our family and especially our daughter.

Remember to scratch you cat for me today.
Java Girl

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