Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For a little girl from the country who started Kindergarden in town. I was completely traumatized. I wasn't use to strangers and the whole going to school and having to wait to go the bathroom at a certain time was really hard on me.

You see I was a nervous child.... always worried and wondering. I think many of the other students realized it too. There was only one person who would play with me and his name was Kevin Much. Yes, his last name is really Much. Kevin didn't fit in either because he was different (in a good way) and also the boys didn't want anything to do with him because he played with Barbie Dolls. But I liked Kevin and between the two of us, we became fast friends. I even remember one of the boys picking on me and Kevin coming to my aid all red faced and fists a flying. He got pushed and beat up for me.

So as the Fall has arrived in San Diego and school has started, I've been thinking about Kevin... and what happened to him. I remember him up to the fifth grade. That poor boy always had the rest of our grade teasing and pestering him. But I saw his mom pick him up one day after school and she kissed him and I felt really happy to know that he was loved.

Thank God for all the Kevins in the world who will stand up for what is right even when there are possibly consequences involved. Now that I think of it we should all be Kevins. One thing is for sure already... life always gives us critics.

Last Saturday I went to the Poway Rodeo, it wasn't the grandest Rodeo I've ever seen, but I was struck by a thought when the Poway Horse Drill Team came out with each holding an American flag. I was shocked that only about 1/8 of the crowd stood up in respect. I then thought of Kevin, always standing up. The the announcer who was obviously from somewhere in the Bible Belt, said something that set every person straight. He said, "Those flags out there in the area stand for something. They stand for the greatness of our country and the foundation it was founded on, they also stand for the fact that there are men and women willing to take a bullet for you overseas. And I suggest you stand and take any head cover off and remember them and all the others who have died for us while we sing the National Anthem."

Now that I think of it... maybe that announcer was Kevin, he sure sounded like him. Standing up for what is right, just and true. Hope you all have a Kevin in your life!

Teacher, can I go to the bathroom now?
Java Girl

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