Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back from Nashville...

I'm back from Nashville, after house hunting. I'm so glad that I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!! By the way, Holiday Inn Express by the airport, has the worst maid service I've ever seen!!! But they made up for it with the best darn tooten beds! Amen!

The home search revolved around a hour radius from the airport. And drive we did, I actually drove the real estate agent myself... and his name is/was Lucky. Now Lucky is a strong christian and that's why I hired him. He came by referral from the Exodus Network. It's a free christian real estate referral and one of the things I like about this ministry/company is that their agents go through a vigorous interview process, not to mention if I have a complaint, because they are accountable to Exodus for their service. And I'm here to say that I've used it two different times when buying a home and the service has been absolutely exceptional!!!

Now when I look for a home, I usually know when I walk in the door if the house is right for us. And we looked and looked and I found one. Not one the realtor found, but one I found on my own while searching on the internet. It was a little out of his service range, but he let me drag him about two counties over. In fact I kinda felt like when I drag my husband out to shop and he's not in the mood. But when it came to writing the contract, this was his specialty. He explained the contract like none other and I felt confident that we were in good hands.

So now I wait and wait.... it's like those real estate shows on cable and the couple wait by the phone and it magically rings and they get the house. But in my case... it was the minute that I jumped into the shower and then I got the call... but it wasn't THE CALL!!! Lucky informed me that the sellers are on the road and their real estate agent has told them about the offer, but they need to get to a computer and take a look at what we offered. So I wait and wonder and have already decorated the house in my mind.

Here's the livingroom, isn't it lovely....

But there's still a chance they don't take the offer, but I feel real good about it. God has been in every decision.

So my family and I wait and wonder..... and we wanted to write these three little cuties into the contract, but Lucky didn't think it was real business like.

But he did write a wonderful cover letter to our offer and said that if they don't have a place to send the kitties, that we'll be happy to take them. By the way, can you tell that my number 1 girl is also a cat whisper. I couldn't get these guys to come near me and then when cat whisper arrived they took her over.

By the way, Lucky got his name when he was born, he was real premature and the doctor said that he was lucky to be alive. So his Mom named him Lucky.

I'm so glad my Mom didn't name me at birth like that..... because I recalled something about a purple face.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

PS - Sorry about all the exclamation points, I just felt loud today!!!!


  1. I am so out of the loop...are you moving to Nashville??!