Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There's an enemy in my home and he comes in the form of pain. He's been living with us for about 7 years, when my sweet oldest daughter suddenly received a migraine, that has never left her head not once since it came. We've been to so many doctors and no one has been able to kill this horrible enemy.

So we live with him, some days he's quiet and not that much of an intrusion. Then others days he consumes our every thought and plan and for this very reason we continue to fight him. Everyday all day if necessary. You see, we don't want him to be comfortable here among our family. We want him to know that he needs to be gone. So when the pain flares we pray.... we pray that God's protection is over us and our sweet daughter and sister.

I wish I could kill pain. I wish I could do it for every single person on the planet that endures pain. I was mad at my Savior for along time, for allowing us to have to endure that persistent enemy. But I'm not mad any more at God, because His grace is sufficient and just recently I've excepted that. Trusting in Him completely!!

Many of us believe that if everything in our life is going peachy, that we're blessed. But I'm here to tell you that isn't true.... I've never been more blessed since I excepted that fact that God has blessed our family even more through this trial. Where will it lead us, I don't know.... and with the recent diagnosis of Lupus, I feel a huge relief at the fact that I know somewhat what we're fighting. As my husband says, "It's always important to know your enemy."

So I give this blog entry to all of you out there who are fighting, fighting something way bigger than you and I. I pray you kick it's butt. I pray that God will call you faithful and true. I pray for all the mental havoc that in puts on you... and I pray that you will be conquerors.

Your Comrade,
Java Girl

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For a little girl from the country who started Kindergarden in town. I was completely traumatized. I wasn't use to strangers and the whole going to school and having to wait to go the bathroom at a certain time was really hard on me.

You see I was a nervous child.... always worried and wondering. I think many of the other students realized it too. There was only one person who would play with me and his name was Kevin Much. Yes, his last name is really Much. Kevin didn't fit in either because he was different (in a good way) and also the boys didn't want anything to do with him because he played with Barbie Dolls. But I liked Kevin and between the two of us, we became fast friends. I even remember one of the boys picking on me and Kevin coming to my aid all red faced and fists a flying. He got pushed and beat up for me.

So as the Fall has arrived in San Diego and school has started, I've been thinking about Kevin... and what happened to him. I remember him up to the fifth grade. That poor boy always had the rest of our grade teasing and pestering him. But I saw his mom pick him up one day after school and she kissed him and I felt really happy to know that he was loved.

Thank God for all the Kevins in the world who will stand up for what is right even when there are possibly consequences involved. Now that I think of it we should all be Kevins. One thing is for sure already... life always gives us critics.

Last Saturday I went to the Poway Rodeo, it wasn't the grandest Rodeo I've ever seen, but I was struck by a thought when the Poway Horse Drill Team came out with each holding an American flag. I was shocked that only about 1/8 of the crowd stood up in respect. I then thought of Kevin, always standing up. The the announcer who was obviously from somewhere in the Bible Belt, said something that set every person straight. He said, "Those flags out there in the area stand for something. They stand for the greatness of our country and the foundation it was founded on, they also stand for the fact that there are men and women willing to take a bullet for you overseas. And I suggest you stand and take any head cover off and remember them and all the others who have died for us while we sing the National Anthem."

Now that I think of it... maybe that announcer was Kevin, he sure sounded like him. Standing up for what is right, just and true. Hope you all have a Kevin in your life!

Teacher, can I go to the bathroom now?
Java Girl

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well I Declare!

With all that went on while in Nashville with my oldest and I searching for the perfect home... I was shocked with flying from Nashville to Dallas because two events happen that my head is still spinning about!

The first thing that happen was while we were standing in line to go through security, I looked ahead in the line and saw someone who looked familiar. But still not quite sure how to place him and I then I looked at the lady he was standing with.... and EUREKA!!!!! It hit me, they are the couple from the TV show Can You Duet! This show started at the beginning of summer and it caught our eye one night while flipping through the channels. It was on CMT, which we usually don't watch but it was amazing, they would pick couples to audition and also at times split them up (if they were willing) to create the perfect Singing Duet, there were judges that also coached them and helped them perfect their singing and stage presents. It wasn't mean judging, but the customary country type judging. It was amazing to see the process and who went home and who advanced. But we became hooked.... every Saturday night we would watch. One of the couples that advanced to the finals was a husband and wife duet from Australia, called the O'Sheas. And as you're probably guessing, they were the couple that I met in the airport. Yes, I did cut up to the front to say "Hello", I didn't want to bother them, but did want to tell them how much we enjoyed their music. What I didn't expect was how wonderful they were and how they shook my hand and asked my name and wanted to talk, amazing. I walked back to my daughter and she said "Mom, I can't believe you did that, you never do things like that!"

But I decided not too long ago that I needed to take the bull by the horns. I'm starting to wish in my older age that I had taken more risks, asked more questions and shared more with others around me.

On to the second event... we boarded the plane and when we reached attitude and the seat belt sign went off, I headed to the little girls room. As I was making my way back to my seat, I realized I was trapped by the drink cart. So I went back to an empty seat that I saw a few rows back. There was a gentleman in the window seat and I said "Hi". He looked at me and told me that I looked familiar. I told him, "I have people say that alot to me". Then he looked at me again and I realized that he might think I was up to something. I quickly told him the drink cart was blocking me. And then we quickly became friends and I found out he was headed to Dallas for a Rodeo benefitting Autism. He went on to tell me about his two sons who have Autism. I shared some of my medical research knowledge and we compared notes. Then I asked him what he does for a living. And that's when I became shocked. He is Charlie Adams the drummer for Yanni. Now if you don't know Yanni... he's a famous pianist. After 30 minutes I realized my daughter probably thought I had fell in, so I headed back to my seat.

My husband has told me on several occasions, that you never know who you're going to meet and what role they will place in your life. And it's true, there are people I've met for just a moment and I still remember what they indented into my life by what they said or did. I hope that you remember someone like that today.

Oh and if you want to check our Charlie's site go to:

Calling all Stars,
Java Girl

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Bad!

I want to apologize.... I've neglected this blog way more than I like too! And I just want to let you all know that I have an excuse but I won't tell you. You see, I don't like when people give excuses so I won't give you one today. But I will tell you that I've missed you!

I've shared with you about our pets, Snoop and Rascals. But I've never wrote about Purry. Yes.... he was named by our at the time, six year old daughter and you know little kids, they usually name the animal by how they look, sound or smell. And this case was no exception.

Purry is now 13 years old. He's been with us through three military moves. And he's had it hard at times.... first he was found living under a rock in Alaska with his siblings. The local veterinarian took all the kittens in and nursed them back to health. When we finally brought him home it was perfect timing, because Grandpa had died and we were able to come home after the funeral and pick up our new kitty which was a great distraction.

Now Purry started out normal as can be but after a flight where I was instructed to give him medicine to relax during the travel. He was never the same, he became paranoid and stressed at times. Now I've found out that the airlines and veterinarians say to not sedate your animals now. It involves elevation and the medication... which is very harmful or even life threatening.

But our dear friend Purry has become blind and struggles at times with health problems due to his high stress but with all that said he has become the complete companion our our daughter who has Lupus. When she's having a bad day, he's right there to lay with her. She's even said that the pain is less when she can pet him while he's laying next to her. And because of this I've become forever grateful to this fur ball. He gives my daughter something that I can't give her and in return I'll do anything for him. Even spend extra money on special diet.

Now with all this seriousness, has to come some comedy and comedy is an understatement. The thing I like about Purry is that he takes care of business. If there is a neighborhood cat beating up on Rascals he can't get out of the house fast enough to come to the rescue. And he'll stand there until the offender is completely out of site before he returns home. And he's forever working with Rascals to get at his dry food which Purry can't have and they have this little system they work out. If you want to read about it, go to my blog titled Fur Comes In Different Packages.

So in closing I leave you with this thought..... do you remember a animals that brought you so much joy. Made you feel better and in return created a comfort that no person could bring. That is what Purry is for our family and especially our daughter.

Remember to scratch you cat for me today.
Java Girl

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Got It!

Hi Everyone.... I'm so happy to say that we got the house in Nashville!!! And we even get to keep one of the kittens. And you won't believe it.... his name is Lucky. Yes, the same name as our realtor.

Now first I need to clear some things up. Hubby and I are NOT separating or getting a divorce! Hubby and I decided a couple months back that with him being gone so much (for example, the next 14-16 months he is going to be home maybe... 2 months) and his retirement options also on the horizon, that maybe we should get a retirement home out in the country, like we wanted. And what really excelerated the decision, was that with Daughter #1 Lupus, she's found horseback riding very benefical with the pain management.

So now I need to tell you about the interesting part. The kittens. I was told that the owners of the property were driving down the road and they spotted two kittens. They stopped and realized that they were abandoned... so they took them home. Now the Mom of the family, kept feeling like she needed to go back to the spot where they found the kittens, because she felt like there was one more. And sure enough!!! There sat the one kitten all by himself. So they took him home, nursed him back to health because he was the most sickly and named him Lucky (because he was lucky to be found and alive). And he's the kitten we get to keep!!

The scripture that has been with me during this whole process is this....

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.... in all you ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back from Nashville...

I'm back from Nashville, after house hunting. I'm so glad that I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!! By the way, Holiday Inn Express by the airport, has the worst maid service I've ever seen!!! But they made up for it with the best darn tooten beds! Amen!

The home search revolved around a hour radius from the airport. And drive we did, I actually drove the real estate agent myself... and his name is/was Lucky. Now Lucky is a strong christian and that's why I hired him. He came by referral from the Exodus Network. It's a free christian real estate referral and one of the things I like about this ministry/company is that their agents go through a vigorous interview process, not to mention if I have a complaint, because they are accountable to Exodus for their service. And I'm here to say that I've used it two different times when buying a home and the service has been absolutely exceptional!!!

Now when I look for a home, I usually know when I walk in the door if the house is right for us. And we looked and looked and I found one. Not one the realtor found, but one I found on my own while searching on the internet. It was a little out of his service range, but he let me drag him about two counties over. In fact I kinda felt like when I drag my husband out to shop and he's not in the mood. But when it came to writing the contract, this was his specialty. He explained the contract like none other and I felt confident that we were in good hands.

So now I wait and wait.... it's like those real estate shows on cable and the couple wait by the phone and it magically rings and they get the house. But in my case... it was the minute that I jumped into the shower and then I got the call... but it wasn't THE CALL!!! Lucky informed me that the sellers are on the road and their real estate agent has told them about the offer, but they need to get to a computer and take a look at what we offered. So I wait and wonder and have already decorated the house in my mind.

Here's the livingroom, isn't it lovely....

But there's still a chance they don't take the offer, but I feel real good about it. God has been in every decision.

So my family and I wait and wonder..... and we wanted to write these three little cuties into the contract, but Lucky didn't think it was real business like.

But he did write a wonderful cover letter to our offer and said that if they don't have a place to send the kitties, that we'll be happy to take them. By the way, can you tell that my number 1 girl is also a cat whisper. I couldn't get these guys to come near me and then when cat whisper arrived they took her over.

By the way, Lucky got his name when he was born, he was real premature and the doctor said that he was lucky to be alive. So his Mom named him Lucky.

I'm so glad my Mom didn't name me at birth like that..... because I recalled something about a purple face.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

PS - Sorry about all the exclamation points, I just felt loud today!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Just Any Beagle

I was thinking about my Grandfather the other day while I was talking to my sister. And what I remember most about him was his love for animals. At 92 years of age he had to enter the Nursing Home and I remember traveling up from Virginia to Michigan to help him adjust to his new surroundings. It has hard to see him so old and I knew that arrangement would be a hard one. He said to me, "I don't know why they've brought me to this motel and want me to stay here." I truly didn't know what to say. Getting old is really really hard and I wished I could take up residence in that very bed next to his. But just as I was processing the whole situation.... I saw a beagle walk past the door. I couldn't believe my eyes, did I really just see a dog walk down the nursing home hallway?

Sure enough, it was a sweet adopted beagle who lived there and I knew that would probably be the key to my Grandfather fitting in someway. You see... he was always very good at training animals, but dogs especially. And I knew that if he had a dog who would visit him in his room, that the world would be a bit more brighter. And it was. But what I loved most about this dog is that he didn't have favorites! He loved equally and every room received a visit from him.

Below is a picture of my Grandparents and from left to right...Copper, Hannah and Spotty.

In a world that poses so many rules, I felt so much better leaving my Grandpa there with one creature comfort. And later on I found out they had a cat too! But she was much more particular and only slept with one lady who was bedridden. I love the fact that animals have this second sense about them. Sometimes I wish we would stop and feel more about what's going on and where the needs are ourselves.

Don't forget to scratch your dog behind his ears for me today,
Java Girl

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

One of the biggest problems with being in the military, is all the moving. And it seems like just as you plant your roots and they get to dig in a little.... then it's time to move and say good-bye to friends. But I've noticed over the years that moving started to get harder as my girls got older and the friend department changed. It wasn't like when they were three and six and could make friends in seconds with anyone at their eye level.

But about 10 months ago at a homeschool class day, my second daughter spotted Christina. And these two gals are like no other girls I know. When they get together it's like the Fourth of July fireworks, except the fireworks don't end until one of them has to go home!

They're both Seniors this year....

And there isn't a sport they don't like.... be it surfing, biking, basketball or Facebook. They're constantly moving and eating.

Oh and one more thing.... any boy under the age of ten, usually falls in love with them on the spot. And that can make babysitting a little complicated, but it ends with steady pay.

In a world that tells these sweet girls to grow up, have sex... these gems take life into their own hands and live it to the fullest and glorifying God at the same time.

I thank God for commitment that we made to homeschooling because it's totally paid off!!!
Java Girl

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hanging in There...

In case you're wondering, I'm finally in the healing stages of iced over sun damage look. I don't quite look so chickenpoxy.

Now I feel absolutely awful, it's a stomach headache thing and probably a huge download of stress. Yesterday we found out that my oldest has Lupus. The biopsy is positive but we need to wait for the blood test results to narrow it down to exactly what kind of Lupus.

I have a huge sense of relief. And I don't know if that makes any sense, but after 7 years of wondering what is wrong, now we have an answer. And I feel like I know what I'm fighting now. The thought of what the future holds seems bright now and I've never felt God closer. When I read the Holy Bible... I feel the words seep deep within my soul and there is such comfort. This doesn't make any sense in the world terms of peace... but it does for me.

My Savior Jesus, the one in whom I trust, has brought me to a place where I have no control and totally and absolutely have to rely on Him. I'm wiser and weaker at the same time.

What does tomorrow bring? Well I've learned just recently that I need to live in the today. How can I make today the best day and not worry about what tomorrow brings. Life is about living and loving and about which eternity we will spend all of time in. I dream of Heaven, my home and where I can be in the presence of the Lord and where I will give an account of my life before the Most Holy One. And I will receive my reward and place it back at my Savior's feet, because for Him I would do anything and endure anything!

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl