Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Did the Time Go?

I was warned when my babies were born that times goes so fast and then their grown before you know it! And it's so true. My oldest turned 20 this week and I'm still here shaking my head wondering about all the things I still need to teach her and how did time get away from me. I'm mean she could marry now.

Well anyways.... we partied up at the Corvette Diner and let me tell you that if you're ever in San Diego you have to go eat at this joint!! A lot of the waiters/waitresses are actors/actresses and they are a hoot!

This was our waitress Marilyn, but her name wasn't really Marilyn (note the beauty mark) and she does the Fashion Reports on the local television station here. She was so sweet and funny that it made you feel like you had been transported to another time. Here she's putting straws in my daughters hair because it's her Birthday. I wasn't sure what in the world she was doing, but felt relieved when I looked around and saw another girl with her hair the same way.

It's like they were all taking serious "Happy Pills"....

Then they decided that daughter #2 needed a hat...

And suddenly I didn't feel so sorry for Daughter #1 anymore after they put a bag on daughter #2 head and she wore her it whole time!

The food was absolutely DELISH!!!!! I had the Philly Cheese Steak and it was huge and had a ton of fries. And if anyone knows me... they know I like my food!

I'm going to cry and pray for grandchildren!
Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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