Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teenagers and Technology

I have an handicap and I don't tell many people about it.... well, because I'm kinda embarrassed. Ok, I guess I'll tell you. I struggle with operating our TV, DVD and Video remotes. Yes, I said it, now I feel so much better now.

But I do have an excuse, it's my teenagers and the quick advancement of technology. Listen, I remember back in 1982 when my little high school finally got it's first school computer and there was only one and in was in the library. It was huge and had only a black screen with neon green letters. Now my kids grew up with computers, they laugh when I tell them how it use to be for me. They just can't imagine a time without a computer in the house. And then to top things off, when we're watching TV they're operating the remote so I'm not real sure what to do when I finally get the little contraption to myself!

So the other day, I couldn't get the TV to get to the menu, I struggled and struggled and finally yelled for my youngest to come help me. Or another episode that I've repeated over and over is that I press the wrong button and it sends me to never never land, for me that's somewhere where I will never get back to my show and I often times have to turn the TV off and hopefully start over by turning it back on.

Then there's the challenge of three remote controls. Why... I ask, why do I need three controls when I struggle with one and it has 60 buttons exactly. And there is always a magic button, you know the button that has to be pressed before anything can happen and I'm not talking about the Power button.

And then there is Texting. When our youngest got her first cell phone she went crazy texting away, I thought to myself, how does she know how to do that? When Hubby and I got our phones we seriously needed to go to Texting Booth Camp. It took us so long to text that we would start laughing and wonder why we're trying to enter this world of mass messaging, when calling is faster and easier...

Wondering what will I do when I'm an Empty Nester?
Java Girl

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