Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Water World

I've always loved water, I love sitting by it, floating on it, swimming in it, gliding on it... ok you get the picture! I just feel like I'm complete and at my happiest when I'm involved with water....

So as my family and I headed out to a beautiful California beach that my youngest had told us about, I started to think how some of my happiest times have included water. We were really poor when I was little and my Mom was scraping by, but the first pool I remember was the plastic ones that you can buy at Kmart and Walmart. Next as the years went by... our neighbors put in a pool and after all their kids got sick and tired of it, I would head over and ask for permission to swim. Then on top of that there was the Henderson Lake where my grandparents had a cabin. I learned how to swim in that wonderful lake with my dog Dean and I still dream often of being there. When that cabin had to be sold to pay for my Grandparents mounting medical bills, I stood there and cried and said my last good-bye to a place that formed a big part of who I am today.

My youngest has the same swimming gene as me. Every opportunity I ever had to put my girls in the water I did. It's was our entertainment for years and my girls are strong swimmers. But yesterday I panicked shortly after our arrival when my youngest couldn't be spotted and the waves were big! My husband has always told us that the ocean is unforgiving and so as he and I looked and looked for her... he decided to head out. With me standing on the shore line and he in the water I started to become very concerned, when all of a sudden my youngest tapped me on the shoulder. I wanted to wrap my little hands around her neck and ring it!!!!! What is it about teenagers, it's like they don't have a gauging system, they don't think safe, they think fun. And that's why I have to color my hair because it's so gray! Go Clairol #40 Medium Brown!!

After a day of swimming, diving and riding the wave (I have my own built in body board!) I felt sun burned and tired which is the best kind of tired. And after a stop at the the local coffee shop to have a Cafe Mocha I felt complete.

So now I'm wondering about you... how has your summer went? Have you done all you wanted to do.. and I don't mean cleaning that closet that's driving you crazy. I mean fun, something that us Mom's sometimes forget to do, between the laundry, cooking and cleaning. What do you love to do and when is the last time you did it?

Hope you get to ride your own wave before summer is over,
Java Girl

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