Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Toes and Girls

My guests are gone and today I was busy doing errands and such... then decided to treat myself to a pedicure. I just love sitting in a chair that massages your back while you get your feet pampered. The only problem I have is that the gal working on my feet speaks chinese and I absolutely, positively can't understand a single word she says. And I always get her to work on me! Now I think I'm pretty good at understanding accents, but this gal stumps me. I must sound so stupid... All I keep saying is "Yup" to all her questions.

As I was bragging on my girls to the lady in the next chair, she confessed that her daughter is a mess, she said she let her get away with too much growing up...I was happy when in walked my sweet girls and she got to meet them. I have to share with you that when they were little, I couldn't put up with much nonsense, especially with Dad gone a lot and I demanded more from them than most Moms, they got spanked for lying and disobeying. Yes! It was an immediate no explaining spanking and the result has been two lovely creatures who are strong and independent! But I felt for my new friend and remember something really beneficial that my husband said when they were little, "What ever they do wrong at this little age, just picture them doing that when their 17 and see if you still like it?". It's so true, when they are little sometimes their misbehaving is cute... but definitely not when their older. My wise husband, I thank God for him!

Talk to you tomorrow,
Java Girl

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