Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Confessions and Ramblings

In Java Girls world, things are very simple. Why? You may ask... well I'll tell you why. I use to be the most sloppy housekeeper and never wanted to do the dishes until I felt moved to do it. "Do I get an Amen!" And then to top it off... I'm truly not a multi tasker, I just plain can't do it, I'm a focus on one thing type of gal and I will never change, this I'm sure of. In fact when I try to multi task I start to feel this pressure build up and all of a sudden all my control lights start blinking and I then get close to blast off. Seriously, it's not pretty. That's why now I can't stand clutter and things need to be in their spot. We cleaned out so much stuff before we moved last time and I'm grateful because now I have sanity.

Now on the other hand my hubby is a multi-tasker and it's amazing the things he can remember to do and his organizational skills are like none you've ever seen. For example, when we moved into our house, he seriously started to get nervous when he looked at all the boxes being unloaded from the moving truck. But I knew deep down in my heart that Hubby would make it all fit. And fit he did! There was even room in the garage for the dinning room table, china cabinet and freezer and even enough room to do a half polka move if need be (we have a little house and that's why the big dinning room table and china cabinet had to be in the garage).

So now this confession time is reminding me about the time that I lived in Alaska about 1997 and there was a Women's retreat on the neighboring island. It is always raining in Kodiak Alaska and this long weekend was no exception. In fact I've never seen horizontal rain before until I moved there. Anyways Hubby felt it was his job to pack for me... no not my undies, but in a supernatural way, with flashlights, survival food, small operations kit. And then when he dressed me it was unnatural, I had so many layers of rubber on that if I had fallen overboard on the boat ride over I'm sure I would had floated and probably would have had a big beacon stuck to my butt signaling what my coordinates were. Oh, I got to love him. My Hubby doesn't do anything in a small way when it comes to his family. Safety first he always says!

I was so thankful that first night around the camp fire when I could explain why I was over dressed and had a forehead flashlight! Oh the laugh we all had, but I do have to admit that every cut, lesion, strain, and bear attack, I was solidly prepared for.

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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