Monday, August 10, 2009

Gluten Free Mama

Yes.... that's me! No I didn't invent this product. But, boy, I couldn't imagine our life without it.

For those of us who can't have wheat or gluten products... this flour is a God-send. It comes in all kinds of blends.

You can of course make waffles too with this mix.
I can't have coconut, but for those of you who can, I'm sure this is great too!
And there is this handy cookbook in case you need some help changing things over to gluten free, I've done it so many years that it just comes natural to convert.

Actually I have to cook egg free too and that can be really challenging. No pound cake it this house, but there is Egg Replacer, but I'm going to save that really interesting topic for another day! Bet you can't wait.

Until tomorrow...
Java Girl


  1. I'll have to pass that on to my uncle. Thanks!

  2. Your welcome ProvidentWoman, glad to be of help!