Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I've learned as a Military Wife

On July 25 of this year will be my 23rd year of Marriage and becoming an Military Spouse. And through those years I've learned a lot about my self and other MS around me. I guess you could compare it to purchasing a pair of shoes...

It's like the first time I saw the perfect pair of shoes all shiny and new, just like the first time I saw my husband in his uniform. Then I made the purchase agreement, in my husband's case, marriage. The I tried the shoes out , just like the beginning of marriage, it was rough and I got a few blisters. But just like a broken in shoe, my marriage and commitment to the Military way of living fits me well and I love it. I won't deny that it hasn't been rough at times but one of the biggest things I've learned to be flexible and keep your sense of humor!

Some women are so strict about dinner and upset if hubby's not home on time. I say eat when the food it hot and save him a plate or better have the kids eat all the food and that will teach him to be late! Just kidding. In the beginning I use to wait for his phone calls when he was away and wouldn't you guess the minute I went out to get the mail or do an errand... he would call. So I learned to live my life and if a call comes and I'm home, lucky me. The cell phone has changed communication a lot for Hubby and I so has email. When we first started out we wrote letters and numbered them on the back so that when I received 8 letters at the same time I could then read them in the order they were written.

Another thing I learned is that when Dad's gone the girls and I play... this is the time for road trips and fun site seeing. The most memorable times is when I stopped life, filled up the suburban and we headed out for a new adventure. We have visited Walton's Home (from the TV series The Waltons) and drove through Rock Fish, Williamsburg on Christmas Eve Night, went Light house searching, traveled to Chincoteague Island and watched the Salt Water Cowboys round up the ponies (from the book Misty), among others. Oh the memories are rich.

Family support has changed also for us, not only because we lived so far from them but life changes and it's often hard for them to understand the commitments that come with the Military. It means so much when family can come and visit, I cannot even express how special that is. I think we military families appreciate the visits more because we have to live without family around for support.

Hope that you remember you're special and to live life to the fullest no matter the circumstances!
Java Girl

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