Monday, July 20, 2009

Things I've Learned as a Homeschooler - Part 1

First I have a disclaimer, I'm not the most accomplished homeschooler by any means and I don't claim to know it all. But I do know what works for my family and homeschooling has. I can tell you that our motives for schooling at home have changed over the years.

We first started homeschooling when the school our Kindergarden was going to attend had a openly gay Principle. Then as a friend came long side of me and suggested homeschooling, we honestly didn't have the money for books, so she gave us her books and asked my husband and I to commit for one year and see what happens. She said, "If you find out the homeschooling isn't for you then you will have not done any damage and she can enter First grade and still be caught up." And I have to tell you that by no great feat of mine... our girl was reading by the end of the school year.

Then as the years went by we noticed how well homeschooling worked with my husbands military schedule. He could be gone for a month and home for a week and that week he loved that we could all be together and not have to send them off to school. What's interesting is that I have run into more and more military homeschoolers because with all the moving, it just makes sense to homeschool and it keeps the kids at the same level without jumping around to different curriculums not to mention the stress reduction of having to contend with a new school.

My first mistake when I started schooling at home was that I tried to bring school home. By that I mean that I made a school room and ran it like she was in school. This was all I knew so as I then had a toddler to contend with, I found out that the bring school home thing wasn't going to work for us. I heard a fellow homeschooler say once that you should find you family's rhythm and set your days accordingly. She was so right!! We then worked during the toddler's nap and would also included the toddler with projects at the table while I was schooling my oldest. That was great because it let the little one feel like she was doing school too.

Just trust... I can't say enough about just trusting God to show you where you need to go with your schooling. I mean in a world that says send your kid to college.. I have to object. Not every kid needs to go to college and some just need to learn a trade instead. I'm amazed at how many college graduates don't even do what they went to college for. I think that's a waste of money! So we've taught our girls to find what you love to do and learn how to get paid to do it and if that means college so be it, but don't send them to college just because that's what everyone does!

Part two tomorrow,
Java Girl

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