Saturday, August 8, 2009

Someone's Living in the Garage

Shortly after moving into our house a little over a year ago.... we had an encounter with a rat who insisted on driving our dog Snoop absolutely nuts at night. This went on for several nights and my hubby decided to get a sticky trap and place it on the fence where Mr. Rat was traveling back and forth. The next day was Sunday and after church we came home to inspect the trap... and we couldn't believe what we saw, a poor little sparrow stuck to the trap. My hubby had to put him out of his misery. Then I kindly reminded him that our sermon in church was about the birds and how important they are to God. My big sweet husband felt so bad, I remembered one of the things his mom told me was that when he was little, he always prayed for the birdies.

Next was electrocution and the reason for this is that Mr. Rat decided to move into our garage!!! Yes, this grosses me out just typing it. And there was no way I was going in that garage with a rat living in there. So Hubby tried this and Mr. Rat kept tripping the wire and almost seemed like a above average intelligence type of rat, which distressed me even more.

To be truthful we just wanted him to go quickly and have it over. But he seemed to smart for that and that's when we decided to give him the old Decon. Yes, we didn't want it to be a long drawn out suffering, but we had no choice, he was too smart for us humans.

After his passing (we never found a body) basically meaning that activity stopped and my food supply wasn't getting broken into. We found our old lazy boy turned condo for our friend one day while cleaning out the garage and that he was using our youngest doll house as living quarters, he probably took one look at that doll house and couldn't believe he'd get to live in his own mansion. Yes!!! And what made it even worse is that he had collected various straps of this and that, stored in the garage to make his nest.

Till this day, every time I enter the garage he is the first thing on my mind. I just can't believe that a little old rodent caused so much commotion.

Hope your weekend is rodent free!
Java Girl

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