Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Church Family

I love my church family! Being military we have always looked at our church as family, because our own families live so far away.

Some of the strong characteristics of my church family are loyalty to the word and always looking for good in others. I couldn't believe how each person talks about other people like they were family, they really know each other. When I mentioned how nice a lady was that greeted me at the door, the person next to me said, "Oh she always that sweet, I've known her 52 yrs." I'm also amazed at how much fellowship time is spend together. Being in the company of so many mature christians and on top of that being really involved with each other, but at the same time pouring themselves out for others in missions. And I honestly have not seen any dissension between believers, oh I sure there is some... but I am pleased to see so much love.

And my girls acquired so many friends that it was a bit overwhelming at first, and the girls are just like there parents... loving the attributes of others. A holy lifting up of one another, but also a realness that I haven't seen in a long time.

I hope that you have a church family and that they understand how precious and valuable you are to the body!

Until later,
Java Girl

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