Saturday, July 25, 2009

Marrying His Right

Hello from Java World,

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart! On the agenda is dinner, dancing and fireworks on a Harbor Cruise. I can't wait!

I thought I'd share some more tidbits of hubby that don't involve energy saving antics. Things I like about him..... first of all he's alway fair, I've never seen him not be fair about anything, and he's humble, humble as they come. But along with that he teases and I love to bring up that he wasn't a perfect child like he always tells me! You know why? Well he use to take his little flavor of the day (elementary school girlfriend) to the lumber yard, where he and his friend Dan had a clubhouse and they would bring girls there to kiss them. That's all, just kiss them.

He loves God, yes he loves God with a passion... I really like that about him. And another thing is that he very intuitive about people. And he can also be down right crazy, like the last time he went to buy a car and I couldn't stop laughing, because there was no way he was getting ripped off. Oh the DRAMA at that last car buying experience was too much and then after we decided on a price, everyone started laughing!

He's a walking geography book... when ever my girls have a question about a city or place they can ask him and he's usually been there, so he knows the food, climate, ethnic vibe and where to buy underwear.

Has it been easy this crazy matchup between him and I... usually. What about the hard times? There have been many of those. Do I regret anything? Absolutely no! It's like over the years that we've build this house and we added first the foundation and the realized we didn't build that foundation right, so we had to go back, just like our walk with God, we didn't start out with Him in the beginning. But after repairing that, we now have this big strong building that can withhold anything.

So today, just for me... if you have that special someone, give them a kiss for me and remember that all the hard work and time is well worth it.

I Do!
Java Girl


  1. I love you and will see you tonight on our cruise.
    Thanks for the great 23 years. Its been a real adventure
    Love you always, Joe

  2. Happy Anniversary Joe and Nancy! What a wonderful couple and a great example to us.

  3. Thanks Lindsay... you and Ben are pretty special too!