Thursday, July 23, 2009

If Dogs Could Talk

I'm perplexed and the reason I'm perplexed it that our wonderful Doberman/Lad mix is not feeling well. I'm not sure what has happened, but after a visit to the Vet it was suggested that he has neck problems. But I don't understand how it could have happened so instantly.

But after staring at him and psycho analyzing his every move..... I can only come up with one thing. I think that one of my youthful neighboring sharp shooters probably used Snoop as a target, because he is suddenly fearful to even step into the back yard. And if you know Snoop... he loves his backyard.

I wish that he could talk to me and tell what's wrong or what happened, I'm feeling the same feeling I had when my babies were sick and I couldn't tell what was bothering them.

Tomorrow my hubby comes home from a trip and I'm glad, because he is labeled "Dr. Diagnois" he can find and treat aliments of all sorts. For example when our youngest was about 3 yr. she had the worse stomach pains, even my brother-in-law doctor thought we should take her to the hospital. But my honey walked in, inquired what the problem was, took our little gal in the livingroom and tickled her. And then after a large noise, hubby turned to me and said, "I knew it was gas!"

Oh the stories I could tell you!

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl