Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friends are Friends Forever

I can go for months, maybe years and not see friends that have really made my life rich... but not lately. Today I'm waiting for my friend Kara and her daughter Bailey. They arrive in tonight and I can't wait!! It's been about 3 years since I've seen them!

How can it be that you can meet a female friend and let them enter your heart and life... then connect so closely and then realize that you have to leave her and her family and you don't know if you'll see them again. Well that's what happened to Kara and I about 6 years ago. And I knew I would probably never have a friend as close as her again and I didn't. She was my confidant, truth speaker and we seen military life take it's toll and it always seemed like when she was strong, it was I who needed an hand and visa versa. We were there for each other without judgement and shame. Priceless....

What connected her and I first of all was our love for God and then our husbands jobs. Our hubbies were in the same line of work and I could share things and she would understand. We're really very different and then quite the same. And our kids connected too, even though they were at very different age levels.... nonetheless there was friendship all around.

So you can only imagine I was beside myself when she was coming to California for a trip and would be able to stop by and visit for several days.

My Grandpa told me many times when I was growing up that I should consider myself blessed if I found one true friend. Oh you'll have many friends he told me, but a true friend is a hard find.

I hope that you have a friend like that, who would come to your aid in a minute, that you can trust completely!

Like the song goes..
Friends are Friends forever
if the Lord is Lord of them
And a Friend will not say never
and the welcome never ends
though it's hard to let you go
into the Fathers hands we know
that a lifetime is not too long
to live as friends.

I'll keep you posted on all the Java Fun,
Java Girl

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