Thursday, July 16, 2009

Death by an altered Dryer Vent

I love my dear husband! He's absolutely the best! I've known him since we both were 16 years old. I know his mannerisms, likes and dislikes. But sometimes he surprises me, like the time the heating bill was too high and he was upset. So he left for Home Depot and I figured he would settle down in a couple hours.

Upon arriving home, he went straight for the laundry room and there was banging and clanging of all sorts. Finally he emerged with a smile on his face and made an announcement, it went something like this.... "I've just changed our heating system, it's now free heat that we receive." I stood there puzzled and wondering what in the world was he up too?

After about 5 minutes I started to sweat and feel uncomfortably sticky and then I looked at my hair and all the hard work of curly and spraying suddenly didn't look like anything but a frizzy mop. Then as I started downstairs it hit me... a stuffy steamy hot atmosphere! My hubby had changed the dryer vent to come into the house!! I found him and said, "This won't do.... I'll have a best complexion with the worst hair do, but we can't heat the house like this!!" He looked at me and said, "But it will save us so much money!"

I laugh now when I think about how my hubby's money saving tips have turned out to be some of the funniest events in my life. Well, minus the frizzy hair. (See my blog called Military Style on 6/19/09 for more of hubby's antics)

Never let you husband spend more than 5 minutes in the laundry room, trust me... I have experience in this area!

In the spirit of Downy's Fresh Scent,
Java Girl

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