Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who can it be

When my oldest was 5 yrs. old she came into the kitchen one day and asked me if she could ask Jesus into her heart and that she wanted to be a Christian. I was surprised at such a young age it became so clear for her. After Dad and I prayed with her and she asked Jesus into her heart, we then called our Pastor and he came over to celebrate! When Dad and I had a chance to talk to Pastor alone, we asked him "How do you know it's real for her?" And he said, "Oh, you'll know because there will be a change in her."

Change was an under statement... she wanted to read her bible, be at church and especially tell others about God and Jesus. Now there was a little playmate that lived in our apartment complex and his name was Victor. Now Victor was 5 yrs. old, Serbian and he was the only one in his family who could speak english, so his mom and I would use him to translate. He didn't like that very much because he wanted to be playing with the other kids.

One day he came over to play with Daughter #1 and after a while he decided to leave and I asked him why. He said, "I'm sick of Daughter #1 talking about Jesus all the time and I'm going home!" I thought OK let the poor boy go. But as he was walking down the side walk and getting ready to cross the street (he never looked for oncoming cars and many times I was worried that he would get hit) Daughter #1 ran to the window and yelled out to him "Victor!! If you don't ask Jesus into your heart and you get hit by a car, you'll die and go to hell!" I stood there shocked, I couldn't believe what I just heard, but then Daughter #2 came up to the window wearing just a diaper and repeated only the last three words her sister just said, "GO TO HELL!". I was mortified and couldn't believe what was just said and I was sure it had been heard by the whole apartment complex. I thought, Oh Lord, what will the neighbors think?!

I still think about Victor every once and awhile and wonder what happened to him. I am so grateful to him because he saved Daughter #2 from drowning in the pool shortly after the above incident happened. I wonder what he has done with his life, did he marry, go to school, go back to his home country. It's funny how people come and go in your life and leave these huge prints of their lives behind for you to remember them by.

I hope you think upon someone you met and now have lost track of.

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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