Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swimming in the Rice Bin

As I was digging in my rice bin the other day, I thought of a story about my youngest that I wanted to share with you. Now mind you our rice container was huge at the time of this story.

She was a little bugger about 3 or 4 when this happen... But one night at dinner we were all eating away and rice was on the menu. She was sitting in her booster seat when she suddenly announced to everyone at the table, "I like to take all my clothes off and roll in the rice bin!" A silence fell over the table like I'd never experienced as everyone sat frozen in their seats. About 10 seconds went by and all of a sudden my Hubby said, "Good thing its cooked!" We all started to laugh, but I do have to admit that rice didn't seem very appealing for quite some time after that.

I never could figure out the mind of Daughter #2 when she was little... I mean, I'd never looked at a rice bin and would think oh I want to be naked and roll around in the rice.

After she reads this blog today, she'll come up to me at some point and tell me how much she enjoyed that day and you know what she will not be embarrassed one bit!!

Oh the mind of Little Ones,

Make it the best day ever,
Java Girl

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