Monday, June 8, 2009

The Story of the Yellow Jacket, my Girl and Flowered Shorts

I was reminded of this funny story last night and thought I would share it with you today.....

When my youngest (daughter #2) was about seven years old, she was always outdoors. And we had a park behind us. She sounded her first word out at the park, being that it was written on the play set. And let me say that it was not a good word. She had so many experiences at that the time the neighborhood boys were fighting over a stick and she was in charge of holding it until one of the teams won. She could climb trees, fly kites and look for robin eggs. It was truly an adventure land for her.

But one on the biggest events that ever happened at that park was after a hurricane and some trees had fell down at the park. She was jumping on one of the fallen branches and in an instant she got stung by an Yellow Jacket in both buns (buttock). No Kidding, and we believe the reason it stung her in both buns was because she had flower shorts on and each bun had a huge flower petal on it and the Yellow Jacket precisely stung in the center of each flower!! Now within seconds she ran home for help. She actually rang the door bell and when I answered I could see she was crying and in pain... but she also didn't know what had happened. I brought her into the house and  preceded to listen to the story and when she pulled her shorts down I couldn't believe the welts on each bun. I wanted to laugh so hard out loud, but felt that it was the wrong place and wrong time to do that. I put her in the bathtub with baking soda as I called the Doctor. He said to put "meat tenderizer"on the bite sites. I said to myself... What? So as my oldest frantically looked through my seasoning rack and came up with nothing... I then instructed her to go to the neighbors and ask them for meat tenderizer. Daughter #1 quickly came back with the miracle cure. So as I made a paste of tenderizer and water, I then placed it on Daughter #2 bottom. Within seconds she started screaming and telling me to get the tenderizer off. At this time she was still in the bathtub and laying on her stomach because she couldn't sit on her hiney because it hurt so much. As I wondered what to do next, while scraping off the paste ... Daughter #1 looked at the bottle and said, "Mom, this tenderizer has spicy seasoning!! Could that be the problem?". And my answer to this day is....YES it was the spicy seasoning. It took one month for the swollen spots to leave and till this day she will not wear flowered anything outdoors... for fear of being stung and she's 17. 

Good thing time heals some wounds! 

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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