Friday, June 12, 2009

Some of my Favorite Photos

Snoop's favorite place in the world is in the back yard catching rays and rebuilding his Vitamin D that became depleted in Alaska

And this is our #2 crazy gorgeous daughter and she hasn't changed that much except she's a little taller and the boys are checking her out at the stop lights now. It drives her crazy! And I think she still thinks that she's Daddy's little girl (which she'll always be!) so she usually isn't interested in them if she has her Dad around to hug. And I pity the boy that will have to go through all sorts of mind games and various tortures to get to her heart.

Oh here's a relaxing one... it's Kodiak Alaska just before sunrise, courtesy of my Hubby

And here's another crazy one... Mr. Hollywood also known as Rascals, Yep he never takes a bad picture.

Another favorite Macro shot from a little cheap bouquet of flowers I bought at the grocery store. I'm always amazed at what I see through the lens that I would not notice with the naked eye.

This is absolutely heavenly picture and it was also taken in Kodiak. If you ever have a chance to plan a special trip... you should go there and the best time to go usually is August.

This picture expresses how beautiful Daughter #1 really is inside and she has struggled so with her health. Her faith, endurance and gift of making things special for others amazes me. I have learned more through her than any other human being on the planet.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Java Girl

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