Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rose Island Lighthouse

Sorry I've neglected my blog but I'm finally recovering from the perfume incident. I actually got some sort of lung infection from it. I do not think I will ever sniff or smell any sort of anything ever ever again. AMEN!

But I was thinking yesterday that I should let you in on this unique lighthouse in Newport News, Rhode Island where you can go to stay and serve as the lighthouse keepers. But first I have an disclaimer, I never would have ever found a place like this on my own. It was my oldest who told me about it, she's a master at researching fun places to visit.

So the girls and I were on our way to visit Dad who was doing some schooling in Rhode Island and he had a free four days. We loaded the truck and headed north from Virginia. If any of you know me well... you also know I'm always ready for any road trip anytime. I love the change of scenery, no dishes, no cleaning, no laundry and I especially love not having to cook! I really like old diners, probably because they service the best coffee. I also love meeting new people and the freedom to be spontaneous and change your route if you want.

So we made reservations to spend two nights at the Rose Island Lighthouse and we were so excited to have this island all to ourselves. First our ride picked us up and took us to the island, they had the funniest dog name Mr. Wiggins and he always took a rock from the pier and held it in his mouth the boat ride over to the island and the minute he arrived he dropped it on the dock as soon as he climbed out of the boat. We were shown by our hosts how the lighthouse ran and how to keep the electricity log and the cistern log. While we were there we stayed in the upstairs quarters and downstairs was the museum. I can't tell you how relaxing and cozy this little piece of heaven was.

Here's the upstairs where we stayed..

Here's the museum downstairs that you can also stay in but it was a bit too rustic for me... and no I have no idea why my daughters are missing their hands.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't have better pictures of the view, but if you go to roseislandlighthouse.org you'll get to see how beautiful the views are! Hope you can visit sometime!

Enjoy your week,
Java Girl

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