Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh My!

The first time I arrived at my new home I was shocked when I saw this plant in the yard. It's very disturbing and reminds me of that movie "Little Shop of Horrors". You remember that movie about the plant that ate people... if I recall correctly it was a Venus Fly Trap. The dimensions of this plant are about 5 1/2 ft tall and 6 to 7 feed wide. Isn't it scary and freaky looking... Don't you think?

I believe that somewhere in the bowels of this plant there just must be missing neighborhood pets, tricycles, among other things. And I will admit that I stay clear of it and I noticed that the lawn people do too.. there are other yards that have the same plant but it's much smaller... what does that mean? Why do I have the perfect soil for this evil looking plant?

And yes... when I was a little girl and it was bedtime, I did believe someone was under my bed and they were going to grab me the minute the light was out. That's the blessings of having an over active imagination!

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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