Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, Happy Days!

Yesterday my Hubby left for a trip and in this house that means girls day out. My youngest and I first went to Hotel Del Coronado for brunch and they serve it in the Crown Room. I can't even describe the food, they had ribs, california noodle bar, prime rib, ham, omelets to order, waffles, cheese, tiramisu in wine glasses, sushi and on and on. We enjoyed the view and grandeur.

When it came to pay the bill our waiter with his thick mexican accent asked if my youngest was under 12 yrs. I said, "no, she's 17" and then he asked if she was under 12. I then repeated myself. Then he said to me, "your daughter is under 12". I didn't realize that he was trying to save me money. Instead of costing $77.00 it only cost me $22.50 for her. Not that money was an issue, but he was so polite and funny about the whole thing.

We then walked back to the car to head off shopping, but first I wanted to stop off at a little shop that I use to sell my jewelry at about 15 yrs. ago. It looked the same and they carried a lot of the same stuff. Memory Lane is always fun.

On our way to shop we passed this Open House. Now on Coronado Island, if you ever been there, it's amazing.... like Mayberry. Really, every house is different and special. So we entered this house and the Real Estate Agent greeted us. I asked her how much the house was going for and she said 3.2 million. I kept a straight face and visited awhile (which I always like to do). Then off for the tour. I like it when agents don't follow you around. It was so fun and the 3200 sq. ft. house was unbelievable. It had my dream kitchen and the cutest guest loft I have ever seen.

By this time I'm sure you're wondering if we are really going shopping and the answer is yes. We headed off in that direction. With tired feet and puppy tummy from eating so much, we were about done in. I think it's funny that in our lives it always seems like the planned trips don't turn out as good as the spontaneous trails life takes you down, if you let it.

Must be that Adventuresome side of me,
Java Girl

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