Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Outdoors

When my husband planned this Hiking/Scavenger Hunt, he didn't expect so many people to show up. He was prepared for about 8 to 10 hikers. But as always he can go with the flow very easily. And in his typical style, everyone had to line up for a safety and rules talk before they headed out.

Why does it look like the girl in the blue shirt is praying?

Hey, I think that dog should have been kicked out of the hike being that he couldn't stand in formation correctly or am I being too hard on him? and it also looks like the second girl from the right is praying also.

Then they broke off into groups and planned their strategy.

And then they headed out for four hours of hills, streams, ponds, climbing, getting lost and then finding your way back.

Markers were placed on certain trees so that each group had to pin point them and continue on to the next marker.

After everyone found their markers, we all met at the Beaver Pond. Can you believe this tree that the beavers have chewed on?

Everyone rested, ate and enjoyed hot dogs at the camp fire.

Here's Daughter #2 with her friend Erica at the Beaver Pond.

and some of the group decided to take a swim to cool off and I have no idea why they have a log with them.

Another great time in the great outdoors!

Oh the benefits of marrying a Boy Scout,
Java Girl

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