Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It Had to be Me...

One time after moving to a new command some friends let us borrow their Suburban until our car arrived by barge the following week. We were really grateful for the freedom and one afternoon I set out to do some errands...

As I arrived in my parking spot and was getting myself prepared to jump out and a little old lady knocked on my window and looked frustrated. I rolled my window down and was not prepared for what I was going to hear, it went like this "You just backed up and hit my car!". I sat there for about 5 seconds and just looked at her. I didn't know what to say, I knew for a fact that I didn't hit her car. And then she went on."I have witnesses, the Painter on the ladder and the Bank manager saw you hit me!!". I then jumped out of the car and wondered if this lady was crazy. Trying to discern what was going on, I could only come up with one thing. I HAVE ENTERED THE TWILIGHT ZONE, it was plain and simple.

But it didn't end there oh no, if you know me I get into these crazy situations all the time! So as I was wondering what to do next, the little old lady yelled up to the guy on the ladder who was painting and she asked him to tell me what he saw. He said, "I saw you back right up and hit her car and then drive away!!". Then she dragged me into the Bank as I listened to the bank manager tell the same story. I was bewildered beyond belief.

I decided to call the police, I thought maybe they could make sense of all this. There were two facts that I could use in my defense, first... I hadn't driven away and second, I didn't have a mark on my car and the old lady definitely had a mark on her car.

While waiting for the police to arrive, I ran up and paid my heating bill. I arrived back at the car to find the policeman standing looking at my bumper. I started to explain right away and he told me, "You don't have to explain, it's clear you didn't hit her." I thought to myself, Oh Thank you God, someone listened to me. The policeman went on to tell me that there is another car in town that looks just like the one I was driving and that he would check it out for dents. And then to seal the deal, the policeman said, "I think I know what happened...Just before you arrived to the parking lot, the exact looking vehicle was parked in this same spot, he's the one who probably backed into her and drove away. But the funny thing is that you arrived right after it happened and parked in the exact same spot." He started to laugh and said "What are the chances!" I kinda laughed a fake laugh too, but didn't think it was funny! All that went through my mind was, Why do these things always happen to me?

Be especially careful of little old Ladies today,
Java Girl

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