Monday, July 6, 2009

The Indian word is "Making Fire"

My husband has a love of survival skills to the likes you never seen. I've always joked with friends that if there was some sort of disaster that didn't involve flooding, we could probably live out of our garage for about a year. Plain and simple it's just a love he has and it probably roots back to being a boy scout.

So now my husband being a "Teacher" by nature believes that every young man that visits our home longer than two hour needs to learn how to Make Fire (I nick named it this being that I'm sure it's how the Indians did it, watch and see)

Here's Hubby teaching Dan our nephew how to Make Fire...

One Thanksgiving after our house full of guests had eaten and we were all settling in to drink coffee and play games... I noticed hubby missing, a faint smell of smoke and all the younger men were missing also. I knew exactly what was up... they were down in the garage learning how to "Make Fire!" As I reached the hallway to the garage, my sweetie met me and I asked him jokingly what he was doing? He said, "Nothing." I said, "I know that you're making fire by the big soot mark on the middle of your forehead!" He was caught and we laughed.

I really wish at times that my Father-in-Law was still living to see that his son turned out just like him! Ever mindful of others, teaching men to be men and sensitive to the feelings of others. I can't tell you how many young men have come up to me and told me how my husband had took the time to listen and help them be a better person.

Enjoy your Tuesday,
Java Girl

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