Monday, June 29, 2009

4th of July Week

I love the Fourth of July. It's the time of the year to show love for our great country!! So many Americans don't realize that we are so blessed to have everything we need right here and usually a choice to pick from! Doctors for example... just on my block there's about four to pick from. We're spoiled and we don't even know it! I think of a friend of my daughter's in Korea who has this horrible eye disease and she lives in a little village and the local doctor can't help her... so she suffers, because of financial and location issues. But in this country that may be a problem but we have our priorities out of order. Why can a game show give away for $100,000 and we have people here in this country suffering. Or what happened to helping your neighbor out! Or lotteries for example and our own government! Spend spend spend on what you want but forget about our fellow man.

Now when I was growing up my Grandfather had fought in two wars and I never saw or have seen since the patriotism that was part of that man. Every morning... just before he headed out to do chores, he would put up the American Flag. It went like this, he would take his military folded flag and start walking out to his flag pole, he'd call the dogs at the same time and had trained them to sit up straight as the flag was being run up the flag pole and us grandchildren would stand with our hands over our hearts until the flag reached the top. Sometimes we would sing the National Anthem or other times Grandpa would tell us something about the war. Then at the end of the day we would always collect the flag just before sunset and fold it military style... making sure to never let it touch the ground.

Years later when my husband was entering the military, we had taped his graduation ceremony so that family could view it. My Grandpa being almost completely blind sat inches away from the TV screen with his hand over his heart while he listened to the whole thing. I was moved beyond words as my family and I watched this unfold.

I'm so thankful that this 4th our family will get to spend it with friends that were once strangers who helped us out when we needed it the most. Now they are our dearest friends always promising that if we need anything they are there for us. And they support our family with their patriotism ever remember-ing what our family and so many others give up so that they can live their life in freedom!

Let's remember to open our hearts wider,
God Bless America,
Java Girl

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