Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Compost or not to Compost... that is the question.

I just started Composting because I would look at all my kitchen scraps and wonder why I would just throw them away. I remember my Grandparents saved every scrap of leftover food and then throwing it out to the chickens. There was nothing wasted in their home. Below is my Composting container.

You might be asking why I'm using an container. Here where we live there are so many rats that you can't leave scraps outdoors. We had this one rat that got into our garage and he wouldn't leave... we tried a sticky pad; he just dragged it around until it eventually fell off. Then we tried a trap; he just ate the cheese off from the trap. After that Mr. Rat decided to move into our daughters doll house and he had collected little bits of items that were still packed away in storage boxes. To tell you the truth it was disturbingly bold of him and I instantly became strangely afraid of him, like he had more self confidence an I and that he had bigger plans for the garage. My imagination could go on and on. But that's when Dad got out the big guns and we bought Rat Killer. We never found a trace of him after that and we believe he's in Rat heaven somewhere reflecting on his last rat days in our garage and what a bountiful time he had.

Now back to composting...sorry I trailed off like that, but it was quite eventful.

I bought a composting kit from a company in Oregon, I liked the idea of the red worms doing the composting rather then me having to keep the composting going with enzymes. But after looking at how easy it is to compost, I wish I hadn't wasted the money. And the soil is amazing, I mean really amazing, I've put it over plants that looked dead and next thing you know they're resurrected! Maybe I'm on to something..."Resurrection Soil". Would you buy any?

Now the real truth is I really do have a problem going through and sorting out the worms. I wear gloves and that works out OK for me, but I really don't like touching moldy/ furry food. Should I seek out help for this or is everyone else on the same page as me? 

Anyways, if you've never tried composting you might want to give it a try, it's been more fun than I expected.

Happy Composting,
Java Girl

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  1. I didn't realize it was so easy!