Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sleighs, Snow, Food and Wine

I was thinking today.... what has been my best trip in the last year? And immediately I remembered our family trip to Michigan Christmas 2008. My sister planned a night out which included a sleigh ride, seven course dinner and wine tasting all in one event. 

So the trip went like this. While all the teenagers went to the movies... my sister, brother- in-law, hubby and I went on a little drive to this golf course turned winter wonderland. We arrived to find horses harnessed to sleighs.

We had an out of body experience as we rode through the woods. The snow was heavy on the trees as we glided over the snow and the bells, oh the bells, they made the night magic. But as if that wasn't enough, we then arrived at a cabin in the middle of the woods to enjoy our meal.

The smell of Michigan Cherry Coffee was in the air the minute we stepped into the cabin and it tasted so good after a cold sleigh ride. And I can't even describe how delicious the food and wine were, it was absolutely on my top 10 best meals ever eaten. 

The family who ran the business were all so cute. The Grandma told the best stories and she was also the head cook. I could have listened to her for hours.

On our way back, we loaded the sleighs and I couldn't help but feel sad that I was entering the real world again. It was so surreal, the world really did stop for me on Dec. 27. 2008 for about four hours.

Hope you remember to plan special times together with family and friends this year!

Until Later,
Java Girl

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