Friday, May 1, 2009

Fur Comes in Different Packages

We've been fortunate to have had our pets move with us every time. One of our furry family members is Rascals (yes, a small child did name him). Now Rascals has an interesting past, being that his mother abandoned the litter when they were born and the family german shepherd took over the rising of the litter. The kittens were fed by bottle, but the dog took over the cleaning, transportation and crowd control, it was amazing to see. I remember the first time we visited to see if we were going to take a kitten, we sat on the floor and were playing with them. Then in comes the dog who starts licking and cleaning Rascals and I couldn't believe it, the dog was so rough... but little Rascals just looked as happy as can be. We decided that day to take him home.
Eleven years and three moves later our Rascals is as fun now as he was as a kitten. He has a little arthritis but still keeps us busy with his humor. Truly, I've never know a funnier cat. One of his great antics is he's allowed dry food and our other cat is on a special diet of moist food. Now this is how it plays out.... Rascals meows to be fed, we come to his aid and he starts to eat. Then when no one is around, our other cat comes in and Rascals lets him eat his dry food, which he is not allowed to have because he throws it up. Yuck! It's like the two get together like secret agent men and devised a scheme, except the scheme is always the same.
But I would say that the biggest reason I love Rascals so much is that he has no street smarts, is nieve and walks around with not a care in the world. For example the other night while he was getting beat up in the bushes outside my bedroom window by a neighbor cat. As I ran outside to rescue him... I found him he was waiting at the door wanting in badly, he had sticks and leaves stuck in his fur and he was all ruffled up, it was hilarious. Our other cat was absolutely furious by this time which means he stood his ground until the neighbor cat left. I've seen our other cat go after our old dog Chief and he was a doberman! 

PS-I think Rascals missed his call from the cat calendar company, don't ya think?

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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  1. You're the best Mom. I Love You!!!