Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Friend of a Friend

I really can't believe what a small world we live in. I heard or read somewhere that in a group of seven strangers, that one of them will know someone you know. And I have found that that is so true!! For instance in our Home School group I met a wonderful gal named Darlene and she just moved to San Diego from Italy. Now that's not so amazing, but what is, is that she met a friend of mine from three moves ago and they became close friends while they both were stationed in Italy. Now Darlene and I are becoming friends. 

So the story goes like this. I had a friend that moved to Italy who made a friend who moved to San Diego and we just happened to meet. Or it could go like this... I had to leave a friend then move to Alaska then wait four years then moved to San Diego and just happen to meet a gal who just happen to know my friend. Confusing isn't it. Well it happens all the time. Especially for my husband. He's always flying somewhere and he'll call me and say, "you'll never guess who I saw in the airport." or "I was sitting next to this lady and she knew my high school shop class teacher." I could absolutely go on and on.
So my new friend (Darlene) and I walk on Wednesday nights. And I absolutely love flowers...but not necessarily the store bought, I like any flower growing in it's natural setting, just look at my iphotos and you will see. But my new friend gave me this beautiful rose and I think it seals the deal on our friendship, because it is absolutely the most awesome orange in the middle and this cool christmas red on the outer petals. I will tell you that after she cut it for me while standing in her driveway... I smiled all the way back to my own driveway. 

As you can tell... it doesn't take much to thrill me,
Java Girl

PS- Is there anyone out there who has had something similar happen to you?

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