Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friend Bank

My oldest daughter amazes me with her interests. She has taught me to experience life in a way that I'm sure I would have never tried. Her strengths are endurance and integrity. With some health struggles in her past she has overcome in so many ways. One of the ways is by what she refers to as "Pen Paling". Being stuck in the house posed a challenge for her and she overcame with writing to girls all over the world. With twenty two pen pals and her longest pal relationship being six years, she has been able to experience cultures in other countries without even leaving the house.

For example...when her friend in Korea had to drink this horrible bean tea because of a health problem, she sent some to my daughter to try so she would understand how awful it tasted. It was unspeakably disturbing, to say the least. 

My daughter also loves to do "swaps". What that means is that you find a common like, for instance "tea". And then your pen pal sends you tea from her country and you send her tea back. It has been so interesting to get tea from Hungary (they have the best fruit teas), Germany, Korea, Canada, Norway and the Philippines to name a few.

Also when Pen Pals travel they will usually send a postcard from where they visited. Above are just a few... at one time she had her whole closet plastered with cards. 

As a mom, it makes me so happy to hear stories of what is going on in people lives, their struggles and triumphs. It's been a blessing to pray for these gals and to see situations pan out for the good. A dear friend from our church in Alaska said something to me one time that never occurred to me, she said "Your daughter has been a missionary from her desk". And I would say that that would be the truest blessing as when your children start reaching out to others with the sole motive being to introduce others to Christ while building a relationship.

Proud Mama,
Java Girl

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