Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Idol

Yesterday as daughter #2 and I were entering the Military Base, we saw an amusing sign that said, "American Idol, Cinema Entrance". It just so happens that we were driving past the Cinema, so we took a lookie lou and sure enough there was a huge line outside the Cinema and Military Police were directing traffic. I thought, it must be tryouts. It's funny what shows up on base... anything from Automobile sales, Mini Carnivals, Rug sales, Big Country Stars and the list goes on and on.

As we were leaving the Commissary (grocery store), we could hear someone Rapping (singing). Oh my goodness! Daughter #2 and I just giggled. But this leads me to another story that my husband told me about two years ago. He had a large group of military students and sometimes he would hang around after training and talk to them. It was always interesting to hear where they were from and some of their interests. One day as my husband was talking to a small group, one of the young men told my husband that he Rapped and that he just had his first CD made. My husband not usually taken back, but in this case "sort of", asked him to immediately show him how he raps. Now hubbies version was much more comical but as the story goes... this young man sang from beginning to end and went through all his moves. After he finished he looked at hubby for approval. My dear husband then said, "well I guess that's good, if that's what you're into". 

Until yesterday I had forgot the Crazy Rapper story and had to laugh as I heard a young man rapping away for all the base to hear... just like some white boy from Jersey who put a show on for his instructor.

Happy Mother's Day,
Java Girl  

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  1. Happy Mother's Day!! I promise to buy you lots of presents next year!! jk ... I love you!