Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Don't Like Cellphones

Actually ... I do like cell phones, but for only two reasons. To keep in touch with family and for emergencies. 

Last Thursday my youngest had her Spring Formal. She called me and said, "Mom, I'm having so much fun!". So let's go back, I like the connection that I get to have when my gals are away from home, I like to know they're safe and nobody has left them somewhere. But I don't like cell phones when I'm watching the driver in front of me driving crazy or the lady in line at the grocery store who is sharing all her private information while I'm standing right there along with three other people and the cashier. 

I think cell phones are great for emergencies... we had a family friend who fell off a cliff and would have probably died if it hadn't been for his cell phone. And more often then not, I see accidents on the freeway here in California and there are always people calling in the wreck.

Below you will see what a great time daughter #2 had with friends until midnight. I'm learning to embrace technology to a point, but I still like the old way of doing things.

Advocate of Carrier Pigeons,
Java Girl

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