Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cool Whip Containers

I don't know if you know this but I spent my summers as a girl at my grandparents farm in Michigan. Sometimes my grandparents seemed fun and available at my every whim. Then other times I would watch them from afar and wonder what in the world they were doing. 

One thing that I always thought was strange is that they saved everything.... and I mean everything! Straws from takeout drinks, the old Big Mac styrofoam container, dish water for two days straight. Now as a girl I would question them on this very subject especially the dish water and I would always hear... "Waste not, want not". But one mysterious item that they saved was the Cool Whip container. I thought they were the silliest of all to save, and besides I would watch them stack up in the mud room and multiple. I also remember their declarations that plastic was such a great invention. Now mind you, they were in their 30's when the Great Depression occurred.

But my grandmother's favorite use for the container was storing leftovers. Leftovers for the freezer and refrigerator, my grandfathers nails, little shells from the lake and the list goes on and on. They were smart and thrifty people and I thought it was, oh so funny how everything seemed so organized sitting in a Cool Whip container.

But to my surprise as I was opening my new herb packets the other day, I pondered how to start my new seeds.  And you guessed it, Cool Whip containers. I started saving them about 2 months ago and didn't really know why. Next thing you know... I've found some strange tool from my husbands tool box and after poking holes in the bottom of the container and thinking the whole time about the silly things in my past that make so much sense now.

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  1. I sure hope he starts feeling better!