Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello? Is anyone there?

It's been wild.. it's been crazy and I'm internally and externally (What?) for not keeping up with this blog, which is my rightful duty as a blogger.

I've failed you.

But I'm only one woman and this one woman has had a lot on her plate.

We've been busy with Dad home and gone. And we're adjusting to civilian life quite fine. Actually I'm probably having more of an adjustment then Hubby. I'm having to learn all these new civilian terms that have me for a loop. For the last 30+ years I've been use to hearing acronyms (military's short use of words) and all sorts of stuff that I'll never remember. 

Daughter #1 is doing great health wise... Nashville is known for Music and Medicine and being here has been a true blessing. I have so many blogs about what she's been up to, that it would take me a whole month of blogging each day to fill you in on her life. Lot's of Tea Parties, English Country Dancing, Baking, Traveling and Pen paling. She truly is the most interesting gal I know.

Daughter #2 is busy as well. She's been substituting at a local pre-school and at present is being called a Nandrea (Nanny + Andrea) for a family of 6 who she's been in charge of for a week while their Mom and Dad are gone. She's also busy with piano students. And has found a new love... called Kung Fu.... which her Dad is thrilled about.

I've been busy, which everyone else in the world is too! But I'm not a multi-tasker and so explains my dilemma with life in general. For example: I recently locked myself out of the house while still wearing my nightgown and robe in 30' weather. The cat and I found protection in my truck, which I was shocked to find unlocked. I refused to go to the neighbors for help, due to my condition. So I waited on the girls to return home from their outing. I started to get colder and envisioned my girls finding me in the hay, frozen in my red robe. But quickly removed those thoughts when the delivery truck pulled up my driveway. 

I was desperate and so I headed for his truck with my just got out of bed hair and Daughter #1 slippers that didn't fit on my feet. 

He looked startled.

I was scared too.

But I was cold.

So, I started to talk to him and tell him my dilemma... all the time acting like there was nothing wrong with my appearance.  

He didn't have a cell phone, so I could call my girls for help.

My heart sank as I headed back to the truck.

But then he did what all good Tennessean men are excellent at. He found a way into my house with his pocket knife. 

In 2 seconds flat... I was released from my captivity.

I told him I loved him.

He laughed. 

As he headed back to his truck, Dutch decided he didn't like the nice man and wanted to eat him. I then proceeded to whip the very box the delivery man gave Dutch. Out of pure angry resentment for my dogs behavior. 

I suddenly realized I had just hit an all-time low in my life.

Thank goodness it was only in the company of one dog, one cat and a scared delivery man.

Thank God for Men with pocket knifes,
Java Girl

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Christmas Song For You!

 About five months ago, I gave a challenge to Daughter #2 that I wanted her to write a Christmas song so I could give it out as a Christmas present for our friends. She recently finished it and it would be our pleasure if you would click on the link below and listen. 
Click on the orange button with the white arrow to play the song.

Have a wonderful Christ filled Christmas,
Java Girl and the Crew

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Ketchup Blog

I've had four cups of coffee and I'm very giddy and driven right now because I have lots to do. Also, I'm mad at Blogspot because they decided they want to charge me to put my photos on my blogs. I will spend time in prayer and pray that God makes them suddenly realize their sinful ways and repent. But until then... I'll just write.

Since June my life has been an absolute blur. I had so many things that I've wanted to share but have been in this crazy whirlwind/tornadic activity and so goes my story.

First, in June we went to Dutch Village near my hometown and I have some fantastic photos from that trip... for which I can't post right now. So you can just use your imagination and envision us and my sister in law and her kiddos. Then Daddy was getting ready to get out of the Navy after 28 1/2 years and we were looking for a job. Then, it was time to bale our hay for it's second cutting and I had a weird encounter with a farmer who tried to stab Dutch because Dutch didn't like him getting out of his truck and coming straight for me. The man pulled out his knife and told me he was going to defend himself. I told him to just relax and calm down. Dutch put the man back in his truck and then sat aggressively next to my side as I continued to talk to my man from his truck. Have I ever said... Tennessee has some interesting characters? Then a band of owls, coyotes or big foot decided to kill my remaining guinea's and only one got away. I declared it a national guinea day of mourning and decided to name the last remaining guinea after a dear cat that lives next door to my cousin Pam in Albuquerque. Hubby and I celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary and then I watched him fly away back to San Diego for his finishing touches with the Navy. I then found out that I have Lyme along with Jaclyn and now recently Andrea. With the amount of antibiotics entering this house, it's been alarming. I even had the pharmacist ask me what's going on? I've also found that I can't blog while taking antibiotics because I'm not a good writer and I can't seem to find anything to talk about. So for the Holiday's I decided to take myself off my meds so I can have a joyful Christmas. Thus the blogging. So onto Sept/Oct I flew out to Sand Dog aka San Diego to meet up with Hubby and say good bye to the Pacific Ocean... it was 25 years ago we arrived and were only a couple thousand feet from the spot I said hello to the Pacific ocean and my husbands command. I was alarmed at how fast time went by! It was also in the same general area that Joe met his daughters, as I greeted him at the Command upon returning after each deployment. That one spot had so much significance in our lives and it was hard to say goodbye.Then we hit the road for Tennessee, with a stop at my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico and then on the Texas to watch a 72 oz steak being eaten by a young man on stage. We arrived home and in four days Daddy had a job just an hour and a half from our front porch. He loves it and is doing something new and something old. Then a friend of a friend has wanted him to start a business and he's been spending time working on that. I've been pleased that the transition from military life to civilian life has went to smoothly. My prayers have been answered.

And just recently... Andrea got on Celeste our 4 year old mustang and she rode like a dream. We've messed with saddles on her and desensitizing and it was so funny, it's like she was saying JUST GET ON ME AND RIDE! Andrea armed herself with a helmet and prayer and we went for it. Celeste is always been an amazing horse and to think it's taken about 3 years and gentling, round pen work and her watching other horses come and go off to ride on the trails that I think she was finally fed up at always being left home.

So I feel I've hit some highlights and a bit of the low lights and am so sorry for not blogging because of my medication induced writers block.

Yours Truly,
Java Girl

ps. I know that I wrote ketchup instead of catch up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Contemplation of CPR

Last night something happened and I didn't know what to do. Sunny, our beloved orange one year old cat was having a hard time breathing.. he had been outside and the leaf mold is high and he obviously is allergic. We gave him a human Zrytec and sent him on his way. But later when Daughter #2 and I were having our evening chat... we heard Sunny wheezing. In fact the wheezing was so bad that when we got to him, I knew we had to do something fast. 

Suddenly the thought went through my head on how to give a cat CPR. No really, I know you're laughing right now... but it's true. And then I tried to imagine how I would place my mouth over the cats to resuscitate him. Stop laughing. And I freaked myself out! Then suddenly I remembered that I have asthma and when I can't breath well, I go use my breathing machine/nebulizer and after about 10 minutes, I'm fit as a fiddle. 

So, I told Daughter #2 to wrap Sunny in a towel and bring him to my room so that I could give him a treatment. She did, and after about 1 minute, he looked better. He was breathing in the medicine while I held it in his vicinity and he seemed happy and relieved as time went on. He then jumped down and seemed his own self and started playing with the other cat Zorro.

Actually, amazing and risky is what I really think. Because in emergencies I've been known to use unconventional means to help the creature or person out of trouble.  

In fact once I saved our other cat from Anema. He had it so bad his skin was so yellow that I was sure he was getting ready to check out (if you know what I mean). But I ran to my home remedies book and it told me to take pumpkin seeds and oregano and make a tea. Gave it to the cat several times the first day... and in three days he was completely better.  

Do I have the gift of healing?

No, I don't think so.

Do I have the gift of healing for animals?

No, I dont think so. But I do have the guts to try anything to stop us from having to pay a big vet bill.

That's when I get brave.

Missed my call as a medicine woman,
Java Girl